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Maastricht School of Management Series

This series makes excellent, affordable textbooks for students worldwide. By emphasizing the international, multicultural, sustainability, and social responsibility dimensions of management, and by giving special attention to change issues in transitional economies, these volumes aim to define the way management subjects should be taught to multicultural audiences. It provides students all over the world with essential advice for successful studies.

Each book is a concise but complete treatment of the topics covered in a core course, based on the philosophy of the Maastricht School of Management's MBA program. Targeted readers are students enrolled in other universities, and practicing managers in countries worldwide, as well as MBA students in MSM's overseas outreach programs.

For more than a half century Maastricht School of Management (MSM) has focused on international cooperation. As a key player in the global education field, MSM is one of the few management schools that systematically combine education, technical assistance and research in its professional services. Every year, millions of students, graduate successfully from management courses at universities all over the world. Among them, more than 2,000 students at the MSM branches in nearly thirty countries.

Editors of the series are Prof. Ronald Tuninga and Prof. Fred Phillips.

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