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Image, Power and Space

Image, Power and Space

Ja, ich möchte Image, Power and Space bestellen.

Das Buch

Image, Power and Space: Studies in Consumption and Identity is a dynamic collection of studies by scholars working at the Chelsea School Research Centre (Faculty of Education and Sport) and the Centre for Research and Development (Faculty of Arts and Architecture), at the University of Brighton, UK. It brings together experts on sport and leisure, and art and design; draws upon social and cultural history, sociology and anthropology, cultural studies and politics; and confirms the interrelated concepts and themes of image, power and space as major frameworks and starting points for open-ended, interdisciplinary and critical research into popular culture and the arts.

Die Herausgeber

Alan Tomlinson is Professor of Leisure Studies and Head of the Chelsea School Research Centre, University of Brighton, and has researched on aspects of sport, leisure and popular culture since the late 1970s. His edited book Consumption, Identity and Style: Marketing, Meanings and the Packaging of Pleasure (Routledge, 1990) contributed to the widespread recognition of consumption as a major contemporary theme, and his studies of sport/leisure and sport-related manifestations of cultural and national identity have had international impacts. He edited the journal Leisure Studies in the 1980s, and the International Review for the Sociology of Sport for the issues 2000-2004. He is General Editor of the CSRC Edition series of books of which this volume is a part.

Jonathan Woodham is Professor of Design History and Director of the Centre for Research and Development (Faculty of Arts and Architecture), University of Brighton, and has, since the 1970s, researched on the place of design in British and international culture. He is established as an international leader on the theory and cultural history of design. He has played an important role in the development and dissemination of design history, serving on several editorial boards of leading periodicals, including the Journal of Design History (1988-), Design History (Japan) and Design Issues . He was Chair of the Design History Society (UK) 1995-1997, and his publications include the widely read Twentieth Century Design (1997) and the authoritative Dictionary of Modern Design (2005) both published by Oxford University Press.

Der Inhalt

Editors’ Introduction

About the Authors

Section One Power, Politics and Policy

Sport under the Shadow of Industry: Paternalism at Alfred Herbert Ltd
Paul Gilchrist

Class, Culture and Conflict: Defining the 'British' in British Design in Post War Britain
Patrick J. Maguire

Sport and Spies: The Dark Side of Sport and International Relations
John P. Sugden

Section Two Space, Place and Meanings

'Something for the Eye': An Intervention by John Murphy
Jill Seddon

Critically Queer: Possibilities for a Sport Studies of the Body
Jayne Caudwell

Pitén en la Plaza: Some Preliminary Considerations on Spatializing Culture in Cuba
Thomas F. Carter

Section Three Image and Representation

Sport and Design: Meanings, Values, Ideologies
Alan Tomlinson

Britishness in Design, Material Culture and Popular Artefacts: From Empire to New Labour
Jonathan M. Woodham