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Review Articles

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Research Articles

Amarantidou, S. , Mantis, K. & Koustelios, A.
Relation between job security and job satisfaction among PE teachers in Greece, IJPE 1/2009, 18-21.

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Comparison of motivational Orientation of Volleyball Coaches in terms of their Educational Levels and the Level of the Teams they coach, IJPE 2/2009, 19-23

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Leisure Constraints and Gender in Iran, IJPE 2/2009, 23-32

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Using Complex System Analysis to Model Team Ball Sports. IJPE 4/2010, 28–40.

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Top coaches in table tennis and other sports, IJPE 1/2009, 22-29

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Effects of a teaching unit for improving pupils’ balance – a quasi-experimental study on the effectiveness of physical education, IJPE 4/2009, 11-23

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Sport International

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Physical education teacher preparation programs in Israel – Background, structure, and development, IJPE 4/2011, 31-38

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The Professional Knowledge of Physical Education Teachers – A Comparison Between Groups of Different Expertise While Analyzing Classroom Events, IJPE 3/2011, 31-42